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released September 30, 2016

Maeanna Welti- piano, vocals
Paris McClusky- guitar, dulcimer, vocals

All songs written by Paris and Maeanna

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joester

Album art by Rebekah Erev

Special thanks to Erica Freas, MaeDea Lady LaRose, Shameka Gagnier, Pomegranate Doyle, Colette Gardiner, Amy Cooper, Willow Stockwell, Avi Roig, Sophia Welti, Consuelo Bowen, Nomy Lamm, Ekstasis, Joey Seward, Rebekah Erev, the Olympic Mountains, the Cascade Range, the Salish Sea, the Pacific Ocean, Tahoma, the Rivers and Tree People of the PNW, the Pasayten Wilderness



all rights reserved


Quiver Olympia, Washington

Artist Bios:

Maeanna Welti:
Her music evokes and honors the forests, the Hoh and the Buckthorn, the ocean coast of the Peninsula, the Elwha and Dungeness rivers, the lands around her home.

Paris McClusky:
His music is a gift from and a tribute to the Pacific coast and ocean, the Olympic rainforests, the North Cascades, the Pasayten wilderness, the redwood forest, the lands of his home.
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Track Name: Honor the Bones
Proud, proud fools,
Would you look at you?
You're addicted to destruction

Lonely fools
So desperate and cruel
Trying to take us with you when you go
Trying to send us ahead down that road

I hear you, I know you, I'm with you
So show me how to live alongside you

Grey as far as the eye can see
The wind is whipping through my bones
And I am haunted by this memory
But the drought has found it's home
And all of the paths we walk are built
On dishonored bones

Oh when did we decide we had to walk alone?

I hear you, I know you, I'm with you
So show me how to live alongside you

And I would reach up to the stars above
And draw down their sweet songs
Let them pour their love out on the earth
I will hold it in my palms
If I sing into the wind it will
Carry out that song

When did we decide we had to walk alone?
Brought from caves below, built of blood and bone
My hands are reaching out would you take them on?

When all is gone
And no one is coming to take you home
Stand up!
We are what we have
You were never alone.

When did we decide we had to walk alone?
Brought from caves below, built of blood and bone
My hands are reaching out would you take them on?
Track Name: Tend The Lines
When the moon is growing full
the trees all come awake
the big fir tree that guards the north
reaches down to tend the lines

and oh, the cedars they gather songs
from birds and stars a singing
the willow drinks the moon so sweet
and sends the silver down the lines

When I was young
Living on grandmother’s land
I watched a sapling maple
With every season that passed
Oh, how it changed
I knew what was to come,
Yellow for the cold months
In spring the gathering buds.

When I see a chevron of geese fly overhead
Warm winds will follow
And so, migration is set
All of the animals come out of the wings
Coyotes sing the bacchanal to the decadence
Of Spring.

The long rains or spring clear
and the milky way shines upon the earth
oh a million suns, breathing

Down deep, deep down
where the earth holds its own time
the roots of the mountains are dancing, deep down

The crows are yelling in the cold
about the things they find
the early dark will send them home
flying in their lovely lines

And oh, they know the land so well,
from close and far above
they teach me how to look and see
the running of the shining lines

You plant the nightshades
I listen for the owl
Bats are in the bat house
Until it’s time to prowl
Then everything is shaking off
The cold months of sleep
When maple conserves energy
And inwardly retreats.

The rains may not abate
But the air will faintly warm
The plans respond anew
With every shade of green they know
And in the swirl of layers of life,
That in rain's shadow grow
Upon the past years season’s deaths
So old it’s turned to stone.
Track Name: Sing the Night Long
These days are so small
You could fold them up and tuck them away
Now is the time, love
When the best thing to do is wait

Wait for the wheel to turn
Wait for the sap to rise

This is the time of year
When we are grateful for the fire
Now is the time, dear,
To be patient with desire

And wait for the wheel to turn
Wait for the sap to rise

These nights are so tall
They could pick you up and sweep you away
And if you would ride them
They could show you things unknown to the day

So let their richness feed your dreams
Let them make you whole
Slip in and let them feed your dreams
Rest and be made whole
Track Name: Owl Eyes
Come here, my dear
Come into the dark
Bring all your fears
Bring your first brave spark
Follow the path
Down into the dark
Come here, my dear
It's time we had a talk

An owl can mean so many things:
An omen,
An other-worldly being.

This is not the land of faults
This is not the land of wounds
This is just the warm sweet dark
but you can bring them you if you choose
This is not the land of faults
This is not the land of wounds
This is just the warm sweet dark
But you can bring them if you choose

Such is the darkness,
What came before,
What lies beyond
The shore.
Track Name: Beast
Out under the alders
I sat all day
and told stories to the dead Memories as a child
The earth bestows
Through the woods of my heart The oldest lexicon
they led me on
I followed the stories home

Time passes through me
Suddenly not who I was before
Honor experience, significance
Not passing through the door

The streets are wet with rain How to transform?
And my little shoes are scuffed With no rite of passage
And your hand is way too big Through the unknown
And it swallows mine With no guide
And the pain that sits between us
Is this giant shiny longing
But until the time is right
We treat it like a baby bird
And in my heart there is an owl
and it's watching yes it's watching
yes it's watching

Come the high summer
I'll find the pool
And offer my flowers there After all these trials
Painfully displayed
Join my voice to the song But I still recall
The water sings The wilds
We have always been home And the laughter that remains

The threads are shining golden
and they hang between the stars How to transform?
and all the roaring hearts are commanding us With no rite of
Saying, "open up those doors, dammit, Passage
take these gorgeous gifts, Through the
oh, lift those stubborn chins and step in to it." Unknown
In my heart there is a spider With no guide
and it's weaving yes it's weaving
yes it's weaving everything
Track Name: Samhain Song
The body hurts
The mind is like
Filaments burned out
The heart in blood
Sinks with the weight of iron

All of my dear departed would
You sing with me now?
Synchronized voices
Through The Veil

The family ghosts
On my mother’s line
Like a leaking Hull
Call for me to join them below

I honor friends
Who’ve passed from me
I still feel the loss
From when they crossed into
The Beyond.

We have always been held
And we have always been whole
And we have always been held
And rooted to our home
Track Name: Ride
We follow the river

We come from the river
We come from the water

Into the river
We fall into the water.

We follow the river